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Emissions Calculations: 1.5 days

    Instructors: Bob Machaver and Dr. Brian Doyle


This course was developed in 2004 and has been presented several times.  It is not available from the EPA APTI library of courses.


This course explains how measured emissions data relates to reported emission rates.  I covers the air dilution correction, conversions between different forms of emission rate such as ppm and lb/mmbtu.  It explains how to compare data from a wet CEM system with rules written for dry concentrations.

Target Audience:

(1) Anyone who wants to understand the origin an rationale for the various emission calculation formulas.  (2) Regulatory staff who may need to deal with emission rate rules or CEM/test data expressed in a variety of units.

Course Topics:
  • Measured versus reported data
  • Gas volume relationships
  • How to work with wet and dry sample data
  • Compensating for varying air dilution
  • ppm versus lb/mmBtu

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