APTI 418: NOx Emissions - Formation and Control: 2 - 2.5  days

    Principal instructor: Dr. Brian Doyle
   Supplemental instructor: Chuck Solt or Gary Saunders


In August 2009 the original EPA course was merged with a Rutgers course of similar content. The revised course was substantially rewritten by Dr. Doyle and Chuck Solt.  It provides up to date information on emissions and emission controls from engines and turbines.  In addition to accepted NOx control methods there is a review of emerging NOx control technology.

High ambient levels of ozone have caused new standards and requirements for most major sources of nitrogen oxides.  These include utility and industrial boilers, stationary gas turbines and reciprocating engines.  This course starts with a review of combustion technology and the types of combustion sources, followed by a discussion of methods to reduce NOx formation by combustion modification. The operation of proven and developing back end control technologies is presented together with a general review of NOx regulation, 

Target Audience:

The course is targeted to air regulatory staff, but is also suited to environmental managers or environmental consultants from private industry

Course Topics:
  • Federal and State Regulatory Requirements
  • NOx Formation Processes and Combustion Modifications
  • Low NOx Combustor Systems
  • Catalytic and Non-Catalytic Reduction
  • Emissions Monitoring